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Summer Lift Operations begin June 8th!

Scheduled Summer Lift Operations (10 a.m. - 5 p.m. on operating dates)

Ramcharger 8: Daily June 8 - September 15

Swift Current 6 & Explorer: Thursday - Sunday June 8 - June 23, daily June 27 - September 15


Resort Charge

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Resort Charge Opt-In

Enable Resort Charge to use your RFID card as your payment method around the resort.

This winter, guests will have the option to connect a credit card to their Big Sky Resort Sky Card. This will enable you to use your RFID Sky Card as a payment method around the resort, just like your credit card.

The charge to the card will take place when using any Resort Charge functions around the resort. The Resort Charge Agreement will remain effective through 5/1/24. Important Note: It is your obligation to immediately contact the Big Sky Resort Season Pass office if your RFID Sky Card has been lost, misplaced, stolen or in any other way compromised. You are responsible for all Resort Charges that happen with the use of your RFID Sky Card for any reason.

Enable Resort Charge on Your Account


Big Sky Resort ticket and passholders log in with your email, username, or Sky Card ID number, and Resort Charge will be added to your Sky Card.

If you want to add separate credit cards for other guests on your account, you must make a separate transaction for each credit card that you would like to assign to a guest. Multiple guests that are each assigned Resort Charge in one transaction will all have access to use that credit card for Resort Charge.


Your Card Number can be found in the highlighted areas below: